Institute Of Atmospheric Physics Chinese Academy Of Sciences


Atmospheric PhysicsThe on-campus Atmospheric Physics group develops and makes use of multispectral photoacoustic devices and solar photometers to measure atmospheric aerosols, with purposes to climate, visibility, air pollution and public health. Along with photo voltaic absorption traces, a lot of which had not been observed earlier than, atmospheric spectral absorptions as a result of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide have been observed at heights tangent to the thermosphere (higher than 85 kilometers), and absorptions on account of ozone, water, methane, and nitrous oxide were observed in the mesosphere (greater than 50 kilometers).

The group carries out basic analysis in areas of physics related to (1) planetary fluid dynamics and climate dynamics utilizing principle and computation, (2) experimental design and implementation of world observational/remote sensing systems, and (three) state-of-the-artwork evaluation of noticed world-scale information.

SICSS programs comprise a variety of atmospheric, hydrospheric, cryospheric, pedospheric and biospheric sciences, as well as introductions and specializations into economics, social geography, media sciences and conflict research to make clear local weather system science from totally different views.

In atmospheric sciences remote sensing has discovered quite a few applications akin to observations of greenhouse and other hint gases, aerosols, water vapour, clouds and precipitation, in addition to floor observations, for example of vegetation, hearth exercise, snow cover, sea ice and oceanic parameters reminiscent of phytoplankton.

He has written two textbooks, Fundamentals of Atmospheric Physics (1996), and Physics of the Atmosphere and Local weather (2011), the latter constructing on his first ebook, gives an summary of the processes controlling the environment of Earth, climate, energetics, and local weather physics.