Paleogeography Definitions


PaleogeographyYour search information has been cleared. In southwestern Alberta, the Mist Mountain Formation is a non-marine sandstone, shale and coal-bearing unit representing a low-relief floodplain. They also present this data in a way that is interpretable to non-geologists. The position of a landmass within the geologic previous — a continent’s paleogeography — may very well be used to assert rights to that land.

Index organisms are used to determine the climatic conditions, the diploma of salinity, and different characteristics of the basin. Paleoclimatology offers with the climates of the geologic previous. Assets containing a wide range of paleogeographic maps and information about North American Cretaceous paleogeography.

The youngest strata of this time period (Minnes Group) are totally fluvial except for a small area in northeastern British Columbia, the place combined fluvial/marine to totally marine clastics are preserved (Stott, 1967, 1969). A serious inflow of Cordilleran-derived sediment followed, pushing shorelines northward and reworking a lot of Alberta and Saskatchewan to a floodplain surroundings (Mellon, 1967; Christopher, 1984).

Within the current-day Alberta and British Columbia foothills, Viking strata are transitional with continental floodplain sandstones, siltstones and carbonaceous shales (Leckie and Reinson, in press). Following Viking and equal deposition, a major relative sea-level rise inundated your entire foreland basin (Colorado/Shaftesbury Sea), resulting in marine shale deposition over the entire preserved basin.

Fill was basin-axial from southeast to northwest. Paleogeography yields data that is essential to scientific understanding in quite a lot of contexts. Strata of this interval file the transgression of the Moosebar/ Clearwater sea southward throughout a lot of Alberta and Saskatchewan.